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John Terry won't be appealing the FA ruling that found him guilty of racially abusing QPR defender Anton Ferdinand.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

John Terry would -- impeding the FA ruling that found him guilty of racially abusing keep young defense it's on third and hands. The Chelsea captain had few weeks to contest the charge and instead of doing so has issued an apology to the language he used. It means -- 31 you know who now serve a full much plan and hit it 220000. Pound fine that was constant in -- earlier this month. Terry was hit it any criminal wrong doing by magistrates into line but yet they conducted that investigations in September and an independent panel found he had racially abused that lands and apparently -- last defendant and describe his defense has improbable implausible and contrived. Terry was -- -- daily captaincy by the FA in light of the allegations. And that's injured a strained relationship with fitness brother reared its former defensive partner in the national science. And the day before his FA period was due to begin Terry announced his retirement -- national football citing his relationship with the governing body has untenable. The police get there will miss -- -- activity trip to London rivals -- and who thinks it's a potential meeting with the -- Ferdinand. Of the Chelsea played much since he knows in the count to one comp the -- renew acquaintances three days later and the final game of Terry suspension sees him missed a chip just once the only event but that's.

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