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PSG, Real Madrid and both Manchester clubs are all possible destinations for Chelsea defender Ashley Cole as he attempts to secure his long-term future.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ashley Cole found himself in the media spotlight last week following a profane outburst on tweet that -- is that the English FA. And things seems -- remain that way if Owens says he beginning to count his future Chelsea. The left but has reportedly rejected a one day contract extension at Stamford bridge and that -- -- -- asthma ruled. Massage and Andrea Madrid but -- -- -- as he worked with -- Chelsea a -- to the interest in signing him. Then -- only see Tuesday with pause in Monday's press haunting both managed -- clubs as possible destinations. The 31 goes contract is due to expire at the end of the currencies in that he has -- that's a long year extension that he holds for longer term assurances. -- -- by their revenue from the fiction is reluctant to guarantee a few tooting his senior players. This seventy TA truck that found himself in the same position that -- has now. You are four and left to Tony -- -- -- -- -- protecting a one year extension that's up on that fantasy points on over the strike it's Pete gent. Then he joined up with four of these teammate Nicklaus and OK on Monday the -- and claim that as of may two for the 20 to Chelsea was that hit the team. Chuckled at the same impression you and and snatched a completely freak shots that the end of the season.

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