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The FA have announced they won't take action against Manchester Untied Robin Van Persie after his clash with Newcastles Yohann Cabaye


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The F I have announced they would be taking any action against Manchester United bullet evolving bound Tennessee. After his clash with new -- yeah -- apply at the weekends. The -- -- to cash to buy with his elbow is he held to 92 likely away at the school's director of media. But the football association of what will be taking the issue any further -- to Howard Webb. He was refereeing the class didn't consider it to be inactive violent conduct after reviewing incidents. Well my -- won't be happy with the validate his Newcastle boss our apologies. He said the FA should take action in his post match comments on Sunday night. -- -- TO enemies know loading and watching them -- he looks at almost. Side he's been history last year and although I'm not. And I -- his -- coop now I actually -- that says -- -- gone down field and done something so who have I had -- himself. While she's seen on the replied. And looks like he's looked in and we know about that. The knees will be a boost full sonics' focus tonight. You have to risk losing -- those people three games if the F I had taken things -- that.

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