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FOX Soccer's Match Day crew recap Saturday's Premier League action.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking about the top and the bottom of the table in the primarily let's start with the good guys in Manchester City. The defending champs they moved up in the second place with a victory over Sunderland getting their first shutout of the season. Of bucks. There's going to be this Mario about telling conversation kinda hanging over in this undated just when you thought everything had come together they get a perfect result a three nothing at Mario decides to be Mario when he -- part about this is. You know it is difficult as a manager to to deal with a guy like this and you can deal with a lot and made it Whitley -- goal well write it write it but. The second -- -- its Arsenal poorly for this guy he acts up. And now all those things a little bit less forgive him but did he -- elegant as a manager asked us what it is sort of first happened start in the first -- we should stick with him. Well that's I mean Mancini has -- -- -- right leading up to this but after this incident I think -- his -- I think he should be the person that goes. It's all right I'm taking off well done and then if if you see about -- what's going off in the locker room minutes that it's on the player again but here. I think you know. The issue is to make sure your players feels like hey I I'm happy with yeah I got your facts don't worry and does happen and plunging has been. Just like so yeah. United ballots have adjustments and I'm from golf. To hear about matching side of things but. From the sending the same time puts it where I mean who finishes and very similar sort of opportunity side Mangini -- so well might have a chance to benefit -- the -- He might lose the young talented black and set him back -- but this is probably the best performances and -- we don't want to understate that wonderful for. If they are to be reckoned with -- over Chelsea fell behind early but then they went they went -- So -- can say about my -- trying to tell us. And and out who's going to. Perfect and Maxiell was excellent the way they look at some tape run was this the performance. Of the -- season pressure throughout -- our defense we may be not they weren't -- you they're open a few times especially balls into the box but. From going forward that interchange between the top 56 players you look around the only person -- -- was was -- and he was still getting on shoulder so. It as if I was -- -- a good where we're we're bigger -- -- ago. This is the best they've ever look and Hendry and me and they've they've won a couple trophies -- -- that last five years the tea. This is fun to watch this is what -- umbrella that wanted he wanted to discuss style of football so there's -- Topped the table conversation. Let's go down. The bottom right now. QB yard taking on the west brom at the Hawthorne and west probably. Did the lead and and never turned back on this -- -- your game at moments to make it a one goal game particularly late but. Too little too late in the conversation now. Pass to turn to Mark Hughes is -- to spend so much money -- the last couple months part of so many new talent. And we have this awkward international break. Coming up what you make of the future of marquis who's -- I think -- but something nice -- already gone on into next. Restarts. And I think you might help them to. The -- -- it's coming just looking at night down there is not designed to see what happened on Monday. -- time I looked. A shadow on the plaza he's born he's -- these last night to Mayne and had a man that will be the next one. Once I mean it's a tough one -- -- all about ambition ambition ambition he got a lot of money you brought in the wrong guys it all goes on his shoulders and for a guy. Who isn't in a lot of wins he still figures out how to tie we have seven games in two points. Two ties to -- the system that there if you put in the context of how other managers have been treated. Agencies Caribbean. Out there but. On the opposite side Steve -- with the job he's done -- with west -- taken from strength to strength and other squirrels. You look on his head being out there and a and if you hit it it that's actually do -- yeah we're signing them off of a sudden. -- can't -- it jealousy in front but then again that we like it does not. They won't include it in first place in the friendly with the.