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Current Video:Arsene Wenger will not underestimate Andy Carroll|

Arsenal travel to West Ham on Saturday needing a response after suffering their first defeat of the season at the hands of Chelsea last weekend.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Arsenal travel to west ham on Saturday beating at response after suffering their first defeat of the season the hands of Chelsea last weekend's. Forward Andy Carroll is likely to feature for the home side have an excellent move forward absence through injury. Political lady has struggled for form since his 34 minute apparently from the council last year but on this those are some things get is protect the rights off the England international. I don't think do you view if reaction to -- team. Until you know afraid not to he started their way in. And then you have to loot to do you recent high level of expectation. Must shift on Simone on his shoulders. Of going to a club where. Of course in the historic probably a lot of what's expected of him. And maybe gross abuse to a need for him but since I assume it would stand he looks to me. Back to. Cutler we have seen -- -- -- -- it means playing reasonable freedom. Desperation. And I'll wait humans who plays. Thankfully history since may second London W the space of the week. And he knows it won't be any easier than they clash of the European champions. So. Or really stupid place to go with -- because of which side -- Quote sciences where they've -- efficient. Who could be so I must say between -- directly and played on the grown because technique you've been quite sounded MITRE and when needed to have -- -- phone -- -- flown to couldn't go for high boots as well. We know that treated. Haven't beat China incident and to. Renewal renewal needed to waive his opponent -- we perform -- best. -- -- level and just one so far this season the Patriots up some pucks. To seek employment that's hopeful that perennially.

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