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Current Video:Robin van Persie gives Manchester United a victory|

The Fox Soccer crew review all the games of the day from the Champions League..


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Manchester United or is there 100 all time champions league victory came to come from behind fashion. And it came from the combo of what Wayne Rooney and Robin van Percy -- -- air right back here with you end the duo making their first start together. As members of Manchester. We're more. It's old bay stayed over and over again for the team to have the inevitable finally. It's going to go he's gonna go. I like them. Okay there's not very good people on the do that but having that -- -- A team. Where your job is middle of the crowd help people you can just go get in front of the goal. Get open get a good spot of the -- and and win and he's been fantastic as -- I have the act you know the irony of this is the number ten. Play like a ten and you laughed at me for saying that but there was a lot of truth. Dad I felt like the first half movement was -- what they needed they had a lot of -- change of foreign players in different spots. Rooney was finding the ball a lot more and when as a forward you know that your main guy with the balls that are trying to find you like that ball you make those runs we're 99 at some time you don't get a. They still have a problem about our depth was still have a an issue we've -- it's not been around small and -- -- they still have an area that I need to tighten up. But when you've got quality and it implies. You baseline and sometimes just attack and teams know they have that issue in the back finding and continue to attack them all season long. Chelsea. And they found their offensive -- down and the reason the defender with a wonderful. It's Chelsea on the road in Copenhagen just dismantled. There -- -- for zero. He's a lot to do so. Spots on demonstrated. To it's forbidden Chelsea number way -- also -- -- challengers -- -- -- defender. That would. So I'm happy that Bob -- out that's the ways in Chelsea now but there's -- want them to sit down and now I can into Chinese they -- they can move. And and equality in the front -- predictable that that's that's the. And that that we have to see in years which is that they do have moving pieces they -- have. When -- moving components now so it's fun to watch a little more fun to watch they were last. And they don't have -- problems in the back that we we used to talk about. -- thing for me now and skating tours how can. Backed confident he's gotten he got himself in positions they -- it could score one or two and he didn't -- you can get. Add that bit of a goal scorer as a striker who. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've always comes in with -- who. The -- was phenomenal economic social and medical quality of the back midfield amounts of time for the keys are basically so obviously. But you know it's fixating on the the gaze up at. Last year we were going sideshow Bob -- he can I lose the ball also -- a ton of guys have tough he's good you know speaking of Aggies are serious post game on his goal. -- those three need it is pretty keep my my my. My friends so today David Patten was. -- eat those it was agreed to let Vick go where it's fifteenth and -- Vincent. Just working on his free kick with his friends just it around again -- I do that you'd have to do what you have to do it in practice. Over and over again before they'll let you take when there's a lot of guys that wanted to just it. Yeah -- -- -- particular he's a wonderful goal nice victory for Chelsea as they win it 40. Barcelona it was a good news bad news game for them another impressive win Lionel Messi. -- assists but. The talking points in the Carlos Julio crashing down here in. Certainly looks like that is a broken left arm at a minimum those with the kind of replace that -- we'll. Prevent you from vomiting if you saw some of the other angles you can see just how. That that was the Florio lost for an extended amount of time right now. The impact on Barcelona will be what -- inning -- -- -- long term was picked by village terrible news of my exercise and we -- other is the heart of the same as the media. These -- joining folks in the back and gives you that air of confidence you know -- that every aspect and -- a taste of -- is the back -- do refundable but he's going to be Houston's longest. How much does this hurt their chances of winning the title Brian. To me I think it's about their physical presence today against -- he can bench you cannot keep them we tried to really -- down and then they stood up to it. Whether or not that that is part of clears I gotta think it is he's very much strong man and a leader so not having that aspect is gonna monitored. I -- I'm I think we're a long ways away from there would crown a champion but tied the shame of this is he is about his comeback of the team in and and he does bring a different element that the most of the other guys in Barcelona and Barcelona when it's. I know I sit I think is too early to say that they can't because he's not there I think this -- they still very much very much if are -- we're going to hear revolves. -- -- -- -- -- -- Doesn't happen that's not up -- probably did a pretty good shape for Barcelona Chelsea and Manchester United victorious on that state to win big upset though. Mar and Munich last year's runners up. They fall.

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