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Current Video:Manchester United v Tottenham Premier League Highlights 9/29/12|

Tottenham stunned Old Trafford with a 3-2 victory over Manchester United.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Manchester United welcome taught them holds it's an Old Trafford with both sides coming into the match six games and beat him. But it was -- and he started brightly. Fifteen minutes of the book -- -- but confident Phillips broke the deadlock and stunt double -- that's. Stick buildup away from a BP's team. Well I think I've been to a deflection off Jonny Evans. Manchester United but he struggled to get going in the opening 45 minutes. Classic counter attack led to them falling further behind Garrett -- unchallenged and objectives -- Waltz into the area. But obligated to do. Didn't nights for the traveling party for both London. Who will the -- it's definitely -- the ease at which pitching with conceding. Introduction of Wayne Rooney the second half galvanized to Alex Ferguson's side. Rooney's cross was glanced to find out. It's one of those doing the opening fifteen innings but really. -- take tonight off the bench had a real difference. In Phoenix is so big and posts -- banks took another dramatic twist. He gets oblivious to look at the team -- cushion. Gibson's that's the -- of security and we'll have. Maybe three ball and picked it -- initially it was denied by this -- -- God's. Little traffic but I could pick -- that they. Cable thing -- seeing. But the drama wasn't finished then it is very quickly Manchester United had schooled again. You can follow. Phoenix. I'll go for the personally political benefit since 1989. Full time. Manchester United to -- the --

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