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Who would come out on top as Celtic played host to Benfica on Wednesday?


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Celtic FC and -- in big Kevin beautiful driver -- having plaques and maybe in the Olympics. -- big stage in the it's finishing a -- their opponents they. Kids. Wouldn't have been out here at -- breaks made that many couples that have to come up his ninth which they. Eagles are a penalty that ability. Just good enough says -- -- it and it will. -- -- -- -- Keep an instant they slow it yeah definitely excited for us but -- Celtic makes him an. Things that. Snyder out to make it -- in this competition. Every -- -- Mean the list of finalists this evening and Nazis in luminaries thrilled and thank that -- -- statement pulls that. This time it's got dealt. We've been in place had a great team element and now saving late now in place it's going to be an article today. He still nail -- Way too easy that the penalty area and it's just said -- -- weighs ninety. The pros won't let it -- -- He wouldn't waste. -- -- that to get a maybe -- maintenance fitness and build it and I -- the substitute the United States up. At the other end of the failed Chris Clemons alone makes during an ankle than them and you -- -- -- He kept him on the pitcher in a final stages. They had a from a strict about days and David Cross the -- -- politically that's successive Greek and painful and they've got. Let -- chases his side Cecil a true.

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