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It took most of the summer to get sorted, but Michael Owen finally has a new club and is looking to get his season started.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eight took most of the -- to -- -- -- -- Michael Palin finally has a new club and is looking to get to season starts it's. But he did he see the old was a free agent for around three months before signing a one year deal is sexy -- So why did it take so long to fall into a new employer -- after leaving Manchester United's this. But at the moment you head for three months prior so I knew. It was a strong possibility I I would -- and -- blame him -- -- than him he can pick up late enough in the -- and obviously there's a lot of things -- totally behind this smoltz and you know you don't just keep remembering him doing it flies and you know there's going to be a balance of the books at some point as well so. I was eight hits -- two to move. So it took us on. The -- to the Britannia stadium not only did so in another chance -- a -- any club was also reunites him with some familiar faces. One of them was his strike on that in the opening game of the 2006. -- -- -- -- scout -- for quite awhile and and obviously. I played and you know from within for England don't quite a lot of occasions and so we've got good guys go together so yeah not so a nice thing I've I've met -- mom doesn't sign a new group with a lot -- you like from from previous. England England dimes and it's a cruel though I played against many times and you know you always. No that's the atmosphere in the stadium -- some -- it comes. Two very vocal and simple but that's a human. You know it's a popular place for the -- two -- -- Pulled a way to spend down injury ravaged three years Old Trafford where he only started eighteen games in all competitions. But despite his lack of action and the Sonics Ferguson has no regrets about his spell in Manchester. People have been an -- People could cite that you know you weren't playing much -- you should have moved -- earlier I'm in the first completed at a great time means some great moments. Cooked -- goes objects in the champions league and see. The winner thanks mom sits in the league title in the open that you know there's loads right moments but people so. Conveniently forget that. Were you on the front to a time and I'm manipulators stopped yeah you'll innings and Butler to my timing -- not a great time. -- it will be hoping he's left with a similar -- by the time he's finished his Stoke City. With the striking -- this could be the last two days of his Canadian.

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