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American international Geoff Cameron makes his debut as the Potters play host to the Gunners.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Stoke City -- Arsenal nailed both teams have to wait a little longer than that best swing of the new season. And site did have the ball in the -- on seven against Jonas fumbled since repeats the crowd just knocked down once news and it's straight off site. Beat -- -- and -- picking the ball out of his net he keeping golfer also in the absence of rejection as -- Miss this game if he hasn't rib injury. Michael from the linesman -- has had just strength. After that -- adults keep going placed around snow. It's like almost took the lead just before the half hour Michael -- he had a goal scoring debut at -- last week and this city drive. -- -- -- This defense -- neutral between these teams since 1979. Since he can zona again stopped for Arsenal after his impressive thank you. Today. Decent length advantage after the catch up tests and was fouled and consumer -- the pulled goalie quickness and intensity to speaking to resentment. -- So Austin is still waiting for that this goal of the season just like last year and they failed to find the net in their opening two games. Have the facts are the chances in the second half. -- -- loose -- and found that I -- employees and maybe a jury. Infringements -- Harmlessly -- We hear you he came places for the tennis -- it ended the game. You amongst schools and outrageous skill. 5540. Yards out when he tried is that he raised three prospective agents that. Ponson then it was furious that -- didn't look up and see Aaron Ramsey who was in its nice. So it finished as it's not that means that sixteen L Austin.

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