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Hear from Stoke City's American summer signing after making his debut against Arsenal.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good it was a tough day out in -- -- -- and so one of the top teams. You know they. Keep keep the ball pretty well you know Korea color shape defensively and I thought we put -- great effort tonight how important was it to be as usual in the box tonight. That can -- and making sure that we're limited there opportunities. You know there they get some quality players. And you know if you shut them down early and that frustrate them I think. You know -- -- throughout the game but I mean those are great great effort and then you know defend well. Always proud moment for the animal less family US national team failing to Houston Dynamo family to see one of their own. Get a start in the PP Al make his league debut great great -- yeah I would -- I think I knew we all -- -- can tell by in his interview how he's just kind of you know get the guys a little bit you know -- he'll calm down a little bit but -- you obvious what are your words magnificently under and it under the circumstances in the game like that. In your debut what a great performance very proud. It's a great job and he stepped into a game -- especially you leave you've been looking at wanted to be a part of for so long and then. To come in in and fit seamlessly and you know he didn't. It wasn't a game winner but that wasn't his job his job was to connect and break up and heated pool goes a bit up opposite -- one that's becoming -- in they just gonna do wanna be too clever at the lumber into that right just kept it simple. I think that's a Sauna and intelligent play that. And Tony -- middle of this is Sammy knows when he wants he knows how is gonna play. And and and -- just fits that that it's a perfectly so slot and that was luck tonight and they -- but not tonight what -- that is a foundation that. To build on. And then you on individual style and ability will come full and I think that's what they go to his performances it was a pretty stoked to be overcome and they know everybody knows her job back and throw a well done and Geoff Cameron soon to be joined by now the US international Maurice do. Joining him from Rangers -- when he'll make his debut should be. Any day now.

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