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Could the Hammers build on their opening day win against the Swans? Find out here.


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With winds will be every -- -- -- in -- and what they've had an eight campaign hope for the best possible -- but something had to do equipment and has visited that the team. The first league meeting between. Loaded pace to break. Lot of guys we'll and that was -- and they didn't like that. It's cute but I'll say hi James Collins. Didn't. This match -- extra hole I repress be unique football. The -- which had three goals back till they -- its debut. -- -- -- Ten minutes before the break -- wonderful -- these -- until cool. For -- job -- he's -- and swim team were able to scramble will lose pulled to safety. The start of the second -- -- He -- that maybe. -- -- The season's top scorer reaching the outside happens we'll see -- -- humorous occasions in the of people through there -- the second period. They can go to supplied the finish. Inside the ball close David he would have these moments. When white rapids play. Played so flawlessly. The Eagles face the 32 win. -- -- --

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