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Arsenal and Sunderland ended in a 0-0 draw.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Arsenal milk Sunderland milk at the emirates stadium interest rates got the name for Ellison Mbenga on the opening day of the people at least for the league -- it. There will be in fantasy pools in the else lined up. That CD signings in the starting eleven but he is Sunderland Buick Lucy Stewart in the story James the sleeplessness say that -- politics just in the last until. It's about India but some of the money still hold people left and it is also will be -- from their audience. -- -- -- from -- of less of those petitions TV get picked that sense because under the gun because sixteen point five big offensive Monica. It was it seemed far away from that -- -- slick and -- really run the show in midfield that much of the first half. Keeping him also impressed. Should -- mean you know he's right hand placed. With the best -- that the game came just before half time looking into changing policies told that every game with a for the couldn't -- to equal the field goal that. He was the -- little steep but the -- it but it hit the facility. Don't -- eleven million pounds scintilla of civilians still leading a charmed likely continued that way in the second public and great weapons should be yet. Neither should show was able to get that it doesn't allow. -- almost did there in each of the first half he let that already wanted to regulation but had placed. That would keep him from. -- -- -- But he was sitting -- much frustration for Russell as they kept pressing Sunderland always had plenty of plays back behind the -- The chance of the game they to substitute and that Ichiro. It's not score the ball then -- last season. You can see by his reaction he knows he -- and that's a frustration the finger on the sidelines at least give assistants people. Possible to rule their opening day fixture for the third successive season he finished they'll they'll.

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