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Paris Saint-Germain aren't the only big spenders in Ligue 1 - Lille have splashed out 282 million Euros on a new 50,000 capacity stadium.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He sends him and all of the of the big spenders in began. Lille had splash doubts 218 team maybe you -- when -- 50000. Capacity stadium. It grabs Dudley of exit poll features the first attracted movement in France as well as the first movable pitch in the world's. Which means -- arms of the sports can take place at the -- -- After being placed at a temporary home for the last and he is the only been training at the new stadium ahead of their first league game that on Friday. You don't Fonda's juror issues who are wickedly army for Gil -- -- from my -- lately because otherwise it would still will not the type of people you are being gang played -- As we could have the feeling that it is not -- and suppression. -- Born -- -- recruit for a crime pork or we have finished several times three times at least -- and it helps to get accustomed to device. We know how it's going to be on Friday as we east of the new stadium already. You know the superdome and Neal -- of the league and it's going to lead to 2010 and finished and is up last send. They may have lost eight it has Nazi primates like Chelsea. Perfectly -- new venue hands champion's league football still make him an attractive proposition. And with 50000 season tickets already sold the opening game against -- he should they sell outs.

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