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Current Video:England vs. Italy: Hodgson names squad|

England coach Roy Hodgson has selected an inexperienced squad.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- Steve Coca Jake -- I'm Michael Carrick in an inexperienced England squad to play in Switzerland next week. Are there any -- survivors from the era 2012 squad just street Pius in the stock and lineup that faced Italy. In the quarterfinals. And no place for Jones -- all Wayne Rooney. Here is the score of info than that will face the Italians he can pick from three goalkeepers job Butler and general thoughts. I'm John -- he's back in the squad and missing out on the heroes with a broken finger. In defense lights and bangs Brian veterans Gary Cahill saw when Steven Coca Phil Jack it out there and Kyle walker. We missed out on the your history injury. Lots of options in midfield that's Michael Carrick is back in both -- tenant yes majoring founded Capellas -- that said he didn't want to be selected. The uncapped Tom cleverly and -- -- are also in the squads. I'm a full full -- involved Andy Carroll -- to five Daniel storage on sale will -- Obviously important we begin look at some of the the younger players but it also important as well -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They gave me also chose to being some younger players in this club so I still think we go to. A good balance in the squad this in his senior players there at the start the game for us. Let's it's who's going to be nice to see some of the younger ones. He brought some of the GB Olympic sport in that the likes of Ron Beltran and Tom cleverly and and I -- storage. Yeah the noise nothing going young players in. In -- if you can't check went through it and and Jake -- that we -- -- -- look at. But I think this is the only opportunity I mean isn't -- games going on in. Who -- -- you do it into -- a thing as I AT teams -- -- connections so -- all important games to play. But you don't get many chances. When you go to a Phillies have to -- the players to look at other. Potential candidates in this for many -- we know ideal opportunity. Michael -- didn't coach of the euros for you people to back him one of the experience as far as what what's the thinking that. Well RB Michael kite with a little I think of being out thinking we were given to believe released so -- I was given to believe that he. He didn't want to be opposed to the -- sets up and didn't. But he wanted to be considered for the used as a result. Reluctantly and okay. You know people will play Villanova available but certainly he's he's had discussions we've we've we've caddie and discussions -- -- -- -- -- It says it turned out -- that's not the case he does well -- and this is an ideal opportunity to invite him to come replacing him because he's never been any doubt that. Panic has not been an awful so -- now wishes he was more a case of believing he wasn't available and that's his decision to leaving was a final decision. But John Terry's that it rested them Rio Ferdinand another who didn't go to the euros but. Even though they face charges you wouldn't rule them out long term -- -- -- in terms of of playing for England again. Know that you all these you know John -- -- through it showed he's been through Cilic. You know -- actually feel like you cooled. You know he has to go through that the closest to the FAA have even. Involved support me even before the cool place. In the same applies to be a bit as far as I'm concerned -- -- disciplinary -- -- CF I would take care of that. As long as they -- suffer enormous -- with two people more I think you there's no reason for me to believe that. I called consistent in the future and obviously Lucas had been in the.

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