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Current Video:Didier Drogba leaves Chelsea|

Didier Drogba has decided to leave Chelsea after a successful eight year run on a high note after clinching the UCL Title.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now having schooled be winning spot kick for Chelsea in the champions league final to get Joba has to hunt down the chance to stay at a club he'll be leaving this summer off to AT is at Stamford Bridge. I was parting gifts do there will be many more memorable. Do. You. Think you -- Yeah. -- think they'll -- on the phone when you can not finishing in. Learn -- futures -- and its -- and in the race like. Look for those who is equalizer in Munich maybe nine goals in nine cup finals for Drogba. A big player for the big occasion. In eight years -- slump for Braves he won ten major trophies but coming club's fourth all time leading goal scorer in the process. You go down as as the man who performed on the big stages and produced in the big guy and you know when Chelsea Football Club needed a big performance. To good to open was one of or would cite three of four players that went cold pulled over the last ten years or -- it was somewhat of contention for probably -- good. And -- football. None more so than most weakened. It's all right in -- that is off right noon. But he said he doesn't wanna standing to enjoy that just is still deep in his car and because he's gonna go to the fire trying to wherever it is and all the best -- he's been -- across the legend. China -- linking up with his old partner in crime Nicklaus Anelka who appear the most obvious move. Joining caught a -- -- and Tyrus has also been rumored that drove himself says he's yet to make a decision. Wherever he goes he'll leave Didier Drogba shaped hole in the Chelsea side. To be ready himself and his -- of plays pretty much irreplaceable. But whatever didn't besides dubious legend that is part of the world very solid supplies tried for the next America views he still plays well. And. It was a decision he told his teammates abolish. On Sunday's parade. In my tummy and then come. Your dorm who. Will prove me. Tie it but I'm. Really do do do made me. -- -- shirt. Since he's -- here and there. In -- I don't know who don't realize. He says he will always be -- but the doctor signing off in the best possible option this. Is the time to -- it. Didn't win. Scott schools.

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