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Chelsea scored the first goal of the game but that would be all they produced as Napoli came from behind to win 3-1.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Napoli beat them than us and let the European play games welcome Chelsea to these studies have talent to -- He runs and six. And I really got some innocent mistake -- had a chance. You'll see that med school slam. And he tonight but yeah. In its act. Has given Chelsea the need to. But the play. That that's the news that care about that. It -- significantly affects me. That remain level of schools. It's this movements tonight but they haven't seen. It. It feels good out there I hit a bad game it's not that to help me. It's not the best at that you haven't seen him -- -- that bit about it. That is the right side of -- span. Us through these kids. He notes that now that he'll see repeated an opportunity to prove that. Since then it is not sick about it as if it you know but it seems to land. And it's really look now and it might be. Anthony. Not getting to exit the he's. It's -- ninety. Mean that's neat though. Shows that not like Arsenal Chelsea but I -- it to see pool. It's not it symmetry. It's all about it is that's not a little over. -- CD attended around the bridge.

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