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Tune in to hear Manchester United's defender Patrice Evra talks about their win over Arsenal.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But first of Patrice thanks to come here you're OK this is a bad boats and headed to new I'm okay he didn't want to park. Even more OK now to realize that you have of course can look back at three points in Manchester City. I think you have to -- -- for almost. I know situated before the game they win against them but. -- just before his sudden -- -- we are united original and I think he's a great win today. Going into the game how much was popular plan to -- telephone and also without recognize fullbacks. Think he wants to queens straight. -- other you know makes a lot of pressure off two. That and have good -- in the right back. And that's what he did you have -- good -- in the first thought I figured that they weren't fast but this little unfortunate. This went to monument that. When you see your hand drew uprising that brought back a sense -- finally at. Does that give you more incentive to have a -- out. Are you sure you know we real focus on coaching Regis. Cabrera went on to have a good shape today and -- followed him in the court to attack -- We have done this said many times new team yet when you play against us and and that's what's the plan B we didn't we don't know about the team approximately -- smoke also. Of course it wasn't as spectacular as the nights -- Old Trafford. But what makes this not a pretty much completely controlled for the spent all of them perhaps -- 1015 minute spell in the second half. You right right that's why I think it. I think he's he's a good performance for the team but he's just you know we want everything perfect and actually dead so I don't know if he -- continued warehouse and have -- anywhere. But should be immediately you keep it strong and good shape and after we was called -- and I scored and that's why it was important to the west wind. And we get -- point is really important if you want to win the type. How close you think this -- rice will be this season. You know I always say the and the league is not the strength is about it. We still Vienna city but we have to keep going and keep winning games. You know and I yeah I mean I'm pretty confident we the team because they -- he's walking around and we -- -- -- -- in a dispute is to keep it did to us.

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