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Current Video:PL Highlights: Chelsea/Liverpool|

Liverpool beat Chelsea, 2-1. Watch highlights.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Liverpool right back in the race for the top -- On Sunday they secure the morale boosting two and one at Chelsea who have now 73 Premier League defeats had a full. On previous class with the -- drove the rather than six in the moment and mandatory is. Twenty -- stroke back at the games for us through -- the streak that had some sections of the bridge celebrates it. -- the Blue Line with that may rain a spit takes it. In a deadly -- an enviable record against Chelsea is medalist gets that into spells is Liverpool manager. The reds took the lead on 33 minutes Maxi Rodriguez getting his first Premier League goal of the season. That's another defensive disaster of them they were exposed Chelsea. -- rubbed by Charlie Adam Wilson slipped pulsing from Bellamy and Suarez opened the door Rodriguez. With Chelsea staring at a second successive Premier League defeats at. The -- stepped things up in the opening stages of the second half and played there equalizer and 55 minutes. Normally double claimed he was looking for Daniels coverage of the far post. In truth is that let him miss hit shot from the Richmond. Storage one complaint. The substitute and -- his -- still can't play. This was comfortably Chelsea's best period of the match. Moments later. The blues pin placed its gonna get around. Troopers great -- had a bad habits and released by declaring dental bill but the -- get the rain reduced the vikings' site. All -- so -- had this match was that Torres of relish going against the -- club. Was little boy on the -- but one that you expected. -- Johnson formerly of Chelsea. Saying his old teammates and so on Liverpool ruled that the little points but he had some you lose a tremendous individual effort. From the England fullback. Make the final school Chelsea won the -- to.

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