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AC Milan were able to secure a 2-2 draw against Barcelona after Thiago Silva scored a late header.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- the way it is not the UEFA champions league groups say here except now the whole thing is up against the seven time but it sits Barcelona. Taking on AC need that. -- -- -- -- -- Robinson thing. What does not this could very. Not so it's not picked up now with a stunning strike. And it is what they beat us -- -- in the UEFA champions league group stage. All the letters and I Dionte was watching it did errors -- -- that won't go woods. Patient buildup from Barcelona. He's patient let. Acrobatic attempt. Well over the top at the end. -- -- intimacy. Might be a big hits across Canada did it makes it look look at this as being -- make. Nancy did dueled hard let. And that it on the plate for Pedro. Something -- in the refereeing agrees. -- happen if you wanted to vote should say it. Still that's not in the champions league final. But not sort of -- to repeat the trick in his next champions league I'll take. So -- up its food to. Me that have snatched a point that that. They schooled in the ninety seconds. Knives bats -- -- go. In a very laughs you seconds now and finishes and dramatic night that they can't now do you.

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