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Birmingham was relegated in the last minutes of play after Tottenham's Pavlyuchenko scored a second goal for the 2-1 win.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Birmingham City will be playing championship football next season. They were relegated from the Premier League following the two understates it -- -- Birmingham looked like his side that have lost five out of their last six matches it was Tennessee dominated most of this -- And Foster was forced into several saves in the first half. This one tonight -- true -- so not. And again we're attempting to play to their strengths in the first half they -- sites and rarely ventured bullet. The promoter which came close to adult writes on the stroke of half time. Relations effort was -- all over the place but Boston held it well. At the other end Q Dick Cheney -- rarely travels. The first major blow in this Obama struck by Spurs just after the interval. Roman -- shouldn't -- have been thrown down by Harry Redknapp and he is known to the finish at Birmingham staring relegation in the place. The -- came to the Russian courtesy of the deflection. Meticulous finish was what some think. At this stage Birmingham -- down it forced Alex Smith cliches side out of their Shell. And on 79 minutes it looked as if they make claim their reward. Greg Kelton up with a deal that the time looked like preserving the -- Premier League status. That's typical garden until his tenth of the season. Sent the travelling fans into premature celebrations. A second -- the wolves against Blackburn. Was to drop Birmingham black into the drop -- soon enough to its fate was sealed in injury time and probably change and claimed his second of the match. Contend this season's league cup winners to relegation Birmingham perhaps punished for a lack of adventure in this one. Why not like they finished top until Birmingham want.

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