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  2. noble eagle0:23
  3. UEFA1:50
  4. Bases loaded walk0:12
  5. European experience1:11
  6. Olympics0:19
  7. Bulls1:04
  8. Europe0:59

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Tottenham Hotspur joined Inter in the knockout stage after defeating Werder Bremen, 3-0.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Almost -- -- won't win for the knockout stages of the champions league. But -- read it won't qualify as headed away. Bases loaded walk this place for the league. Nicely done -- they'll hold sweeps in the Olympics with -- -- just six minutes that you this noble eagle the -- against -- -- makes it will do. Let him do it. Blitz event next penetration then the night to bail all of us you won't let -- -- Should have been too. More great work from -- they'll. -- -- -- The opening night. Ruled it out well it's it's incredible grace is that put -- -- the second. Skill and the break. With a two goal cushion. -- -- that idea about it -- is listed Europe. They build the Bulls. So close to referred to Garrett they'll. He started to all of European experience so -- We'll pitch after the penalty it is. Goes 67 legs and both have a chance with three. Point based fit they'll hit the -- announcing the penalties and made. Yeah it's even -- the rule. They built into the floor again. I was just I don't find a way through proof that this is that it is still felt hopeful that a friend that now it is -- wrapped up like Peter crouch. Eleven minutes of time that's us can really celebrate. That through to the knockout stages of the UEFA champions league in their first experience of the competition. Won't hit like three golds and you'll.

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