Scottish Premier League  Play By Play

Saturday, August 3, 2013
Week 1
2 : 1
1' Start of First Half
18' Yellow card caution given to Chris Johnston (Kilmarnock).
21' Johnny Hayes (Aberdeen) scores a goal.
38' Yellow card caution given to James Fowler (Kilmarnock).
39' Yellow card caution given to Johnny Hayes (Aberdeen).

End of First Half
46' Start of Second Half
53' William Flood (Aberdeen) scores a goal.
55' Kris Boyd (Kilmarnock) in for William Gros.
55' Rabiu Ibrahim (Kilmarnock) in for Chris Johnston.
55' Josh Magennis (Aberdeen) in for Calvin Zola.
64' Kris Boyd (Kilmarnock) scores a goal.
75' Craig Slater (Kilmarnock) in for Gary Fisher.
80' Michael Hector (Aberdeen) in for Clark Robertson.
80' Peter Pawlett (Aberdeen) in for Barry Robson.

End of Second Half

End of Match.