Scottish Premier League  Play By Play

Saturday, March 16, 2013
Week 31
Caledonian Stadium
1' Start of First Half
5' Andrew Shinnie (Inverness C.T.F.C) scores a goal.
35' Paul Lawson (Ross County) scores a goal.
41' Antonio Reguero (Inverness C.T.F.C) in for Ryan Esson.

End of First Half
46' Start of Second Half
49' Steffen Wohlfarth (Ross County) in for Ivan Sproule.
59' Billy McKay (Inverness C.T.F.C) scores a goal on a penalty kick.
70' Yellow card caution given to Stuart Kettlewell (Ross County).
72' Alex Cooper (Ross County) in for Stuart Kettlewell.
79' Nick Ross (Inverness C.T.F.C) in for Andrew Shinnie.
80' Yellow card caution given to Paul Lawson (Ross County).
82' Gary Glen (Ross County) in for Grant Munro.
83' Yellow card caution given to Iain Vigurs (Ross County).

End of Second Half

End of Match.
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