Scottish Premier League  Play By Play

Saturday, August 11, 2012
Week 2
Caledonian Stadium
1' Start of First Half
5' Danny Racchi (Kilmarnock) in for Gary Harkins.
8' Andrew Shinnie (Inverness C.T.F.C) scores a goal.
31' Danny Racchi (Kilmarnock) misses on a penalty kick.
32' Yellow card caution given to Simon King (Inverness C.T.F.C).
37' Rory McKenzie (Kilmarnock) in for James Dayton.
45' Manuel Pascali (Kilmarnock) scores a goal.

End of First Half
46' Start of Second Half
67' Nick Ross (Inverness C.T.F.C) in for Billy McKay.
75' Rory Boulding (Kilmarnock) in for Matthew Kennedy.
79' Owain Tudur-Jones (Inverness C.T.F.C) is ejected.
81' Gavin Morrison (Inverness C.T.F.C) in for Andrew Shinnie.
81' Yellow card caution given to James Fowler (Kilmarnock).
90' Jason Oswell (Inverness C.T.F.C) in for Shane Sutherland.

End of Second Half

End of Match.
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