League Cup  Play By Play

Wednesday, August 7, 2013
First Round
Meadow Lane
Notts County
3 : 2
Fleetwood Town
1' Start of First Half
16' Gareth Evans (Fleetwood Town) scores a goal.
28' Enoch Showunmi (Notts County) scores a goal.
38' Yellow card caution given to Joss Labadie (Notts County).
39' Danny Haynes (Notts County) scores a goal.
42' Junior Brown (Fleetwood Town) in for Gareth Evans.

End of First Half
46' Start of Second Half
57' Yellow card caution given to Emmanuele Smith (Notts County).
68' Ryan Crowther (Fleetwood Town) in for Matty Blair.
73' Callum McGregor (Notts County) scores a goal.
75' Jamille Matt (Fleetwood Town) in for Stewart Murdoch.
79' Yellow card caution given to Liam Hogan (Fleetwood Town).
83' Emmanuele Smith (Notts County) is ejected.
88' David Ball (Fleetwood Town) scores a goal.
89' Yoann Arquin (Notts County) in for Enoch Showunmi.
90' Andre Boucaud (Notts County) in for Callum McGregor.

End of Second Half

End of Match.