League Cup  Play By Play

Tuesday, August 6, 2013
First Round
City Ground
Nottingham Forest
3 : 1
Hartlepool United
1' Start of First Half
26' Matt Derbyshire (Nottingham Forest) in for Simon Cox.
33' Radoslaw Majewski (Nottingham Forest) scores a goal.

End of First Half
46' Start of Second Half
46' Andy Rafferty (Hartlepool United) in for Scott Flinders.
61' Andy Reid (Nottingham Forest) in for Jamie Mackie.
61' Steven Howard (Hartlepool United) in for Jack Compton.
65' Greg Halford (Nottingham Forest) scores a goal.
67' Matt Derbyshire (Nottingham Forest) scores a goal.
70' Ishmael Miller (Nottingham Forest) in for Darius Henderson.
76' Neil Austin (Hartlepool United) scores a goal.
84' Nialle Rodney (Hartlepool United) in for Luke James.

End of Second Half

End of Match.