Jupiler League  Play By Play

Saturday, October 27, 2012
Week 12
Olympisch Stadion
1' Start of First Half
24' Yellow card caution given to Kenneth Van Goethem (Oud-Haverlee Leuven).

End of First Half
46' Start of Second Half
56' Kenneth Van Goethem (Oud-Haverlee Leuven) scores a goal.
60' Derick Ogbu (Oud-Haverlee Leuven) in for Ovidy Karuru.
70' Conor Laerenbergh (Beerschot) in for Dalibor Veselinovic.
72' Goran Galesic (Beerschot) in for Guillame Francois.
76' Evariste Ngolok (Oud-Haverlee Leuven) in for Christian Pouga.
78' Boldizsar Bodor (Beerschot) in for Tomislav Mikulic.
86' Karel Geraerts (Oud-Haverlee Leuven) scores a goal.
88' Stefan Gislason (Oud-Haverlee Leuven) scores a goal.
89' Jonas De Roeck (Oud-Haverlee Leuven) in for Ibou Sawaneh.
89' Hernan Losada (Beerschot) scores a goal on a penalty kick.

End of Second Half

End of Match.