Marlins teammates offer amusing tips to strengthen Stanton's All-Star bid

While Giancarlo Stanton appears well on his way to earning a spot in the All-Star Game, his Marlins teammates offer some friendly suggestions on how he could garner more votes.

Giancarlo Stanton continues to move up in the National League All-Star voting among outfielders -- going from fourth to second.

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If you happen to be on South Beach over the next few weeks and think you see Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton in a ridiculous get-up, it could very well be him.

That is if his teammates have their say.

As Stanton continues to move up in the National League All-Star voting among outfielders -- going from fourth to second -- fellow Marlins have brainstormed risque ways that would garner additional support.

"I don't think he needs to do anything else," set-up man A.J. Ramos said. "He's hit probably the longest home runs this season. He has five or six over 450 feet. I'd figure you'd want to see that in the All-Star Game."

But then again...

"What he needs to do is go to South Beach in a banana hammock," Ramos said. "I'll call paparazzi and say, 'Hey, I heard Giancarlo Stanton is on the beach. You might want to get some pictures.'"

Ramos' idea also involves getting the Clevelander girls to help Stanton parade down Ocean and Collins Avenues, causing a stir that would make people want to vote for him.

"We can do that," Stanton pitched in with a smirk. "Vote for me right there (on my chest). Nice long walk on the beach."

It wouldn't be the first time Stanton showed off his physique.

Last year, Stanton appeared in his birthday suit -- but with strategically placed water -- for ESPN Magazine's Body Issue. And unlike Atlas, he didn't shrug with the weight of the world on his shoulders.

"I don't think you can do anything more," closer Steve Cishek said. "He's in the ESPN Body Issue. It doesn't get anymore explicit than that, so maybe re-publish that.

"Animal lover, body issue -- he's got all sorts of photos out there. Just follow his Instagram. We just play in a quieter franchise."

To fill the adorable quota, Stanton posed with a tiger cub and fed a monkey at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami last month.

Ace Jose Fernandez, who was the lone representative for the Marlins in 2013, considered Stanton helping an old lady across the street or biking in his underwear along the beach.

"He's got to keep hitting bombs I guess," said Fernandez, who is sidelined with Tommy John surgery. "Keep hitting the ball that way and he's not going to need votes. He'll automatically be there. In my opinion, he has to be there."

Right-hander Tom Koehler agreed, and has been adamant about it since the first results came out with Stanton fourth.

"Like I said the other day I feel like we shouldn't have to do anything," Koehler said. "The guy's one of the premier players in the league. Maybe we need some free T-shirts given out or vote to get one."

During Thursday's offday, the Marlins Twitter account encouraged fans to call for free game tickets. The person who attends games and votes the most will win a goodie bag.

The 24-year-old ranks first in the NL with 53 RBI and tied for first with 17 homers. He has paced the league in those categories the entire season. He is also 14th with a .299 average.

Third baseman Casey McGehee, another Marlins candidate for the All-Star Game, had a broken bat of Stanton's slam into his arm as he stood in the on-deck circle last week. It barely missed the splintered side. McGehee wonders whether that would've helped with a sympathy vote.

"Hit a 700-foot homer. Just hit the longest homer in the history of the game," McGehee said of Stanton. "Maybe I could've gotten him some votes if he had impaled me (with his broken bat). Might have helped."

Stanton made the team as a reserve in 2012 when the coaches and players voted him in, but he couldn't compete in either the Home Run Derby or game because of a knee injury.

On a recent episode of "Off the Bat," Stanton admitted to singing *NSYNC in his car but "I wouldn't do much to promote (being an All-Star) to be honest with you. I've done goofy things before but not for self-promotion like that."

"That's what I love about Stanton," McGehee said. "He's not going to promote himself. I respect that. I think his stats speak for themselves. That's the point of the All-Star Game. Your play gets you there."

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