Ex-Jags QB Mark Brunell wants stricter NFL testing for marijuana

Mark Brunell played for the Jaguars for nine years.

Phil Sears/Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Not everyone is onboard with the possiblity of the NFL becoming less stringent about players using marijuana.

Even as some players and coaches say commissioner Roger Goodell needs to take a look at changing up the league’s rules regarding testing for marijuana or to allow for the use of it medicinally (he talked about being open to it if doctors suggested it), at least one former player isn’t so keen on the idea.

Former NFL quarterback Mark Brunell, who spent nine years with the Jacksonville Jaguars, says the league needs to be more aggressive — not less — with its testing for the substance.

On ESPN, the 17-year NFL veteran who retired after the 2011 season said the league’s current testing policy falls short in many ways, and should be "stricter" and more in line with the way the league tests for performance-enhancing drugs.

Watch his entire comments below: