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FOX Sports Girls Fantasy Draft Review

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The FOX Sports Ohio Girls were the inspiration for this Girls Fantasy Football League.
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Ryan Fowler

Ryan Fowler has spent the past 10 years covering and talking sports on TV and radio, in newspapers and on the web. He joined as lead Fantasy Sports Editor and also acts as Digital Content Manager at Follow him on Twitter. Listen to his FOX Sports Team Report Podcasts on SoundCloud and iTunes


At first, it was just an idea.

I was sitting at home, watching the Cincinnati Reds game on FOX Sports Ohio when a promo featuring FOX Sports Girls, Kristine, Hallie and Sara, ran during a commercial break.

Before the game resumed, I fired off an email to my bosses:

“What are your thoughts about creating a FOX Sports Girls regional fantasy football league?”

Less than two months later, I’m in the Avocado Room on the FOX Studios Lot in Los Angeles, California about to co-host the first FOX Sports Girls Fantasy Football Draft.

Not a bad idea.

For a guy horrible at math, I managed to solve the following equation:
Pretty Girls + Who Love Sports + Joined and Drafted a Fantasy Football League = Success.

The night featured plenty of memorable moments, but I’ve narrowed them down to my top three:

3) FOX Sports Florida’s Annilie demonstrating her best Victor Cruz salsa impersonation.
2) FOX Sports North’s Angie dropping the following information about Roddy White off the cuff after he was stolen by another team: “we wanted him because he has over 1,000 receiving yards the last five seasons.” This remains one of the hottest sentences ever uttered.
1) FOX Sports Midwest’s Kayla being outed as a person who can “throat croak.” We are still waiting on visual/audible evidence of this talent.

Like all respected fantasy football owners, now is the time for the FOX Sports Girls' general managers to go back and review their draft picks and assess where they could improve whether via trade or waiver wire pickup during the season.  I've provided my two-cents under each team's projected starting lineup (subject to change).

FS West Girls

Fantasy Draft Guide

Need help with your fantasy football draft? Our experts provide a helpful fantasy football draft guide that includes rankings, stats, mock drafts, and downloadable cheat sheets.

QB – Tony Romo
RB – Arian Foster (coin flip pick)
RB – Donald Brown
WR – Julio Jones
WR – DeSean Jackson
FLEX – Peyton Hillis or Roy Helu
TE – Aaron Hernandez
K – Sebastian Janikowski
DST – Green Bay

Smartest Pick: Julio Jones (3rd)
Top Sleeper: Donald Brown (7th)
Grade: B
Analysis:  The "Girls Gone Fantasy" amused those tuning into the LIVE stream of the draft by using a coin flip app to decide whether or not to take Aaron Rodgers or Arian Foster with the first pick overall. As you see, the coin said to take Foster. No harm, no foul, good pick. Where the ladies went off the board and reached was with Peyton Hillis in the fourth round. They need to hope he overachieves in 2012 behind Jamaal Charles. At least by drafting Donald Brown in the seventh round, they guarantee a definitive RB1 to start in their second running back roster slot should Hillis struggle.

FS Midwest Girls

FS Girls Fantasy League

The FOX Sports Girls are playing Fantasy Football in 2012! Follow the league all year long to see which region comes out on top.

QB – Matt Ryan
RB – Ray Rice
RB – Steven Jackson
WR – Greg Jennings
WR – Marques Colston
FLEX – Dwayne Bowe
TE – Fred Davis
K – Greg Zuerlein
DST - Cincinnati

Smartest Pick: Dwayne Bowe (6th)
Top Sleeper: Titus Young (11th)
Grade: A-
Analysis: The “River City Rampage” are loaded. Aimee’s and Kayla’s draft strategy focused on running backs and wide receivers, including hometown hero Steven Jackson. The duo may have the best trio of starting wide receivers in the league. Matt Ryan has received mixed reviews as a starting fantasy quarterback, but with Roddy White, Julio Jones and Tony Gonzalez to throw to, River City could have done a lot worse. I would not be surprised to see this team in the league championship game.

FS North

Fantasy Football 101

Are you a fantasy football owner for the first time? Need help understanding how the hobby-gone-global works? Check out our Fantasy Football 101 Tutorial.

QB – Tom Brady
RB – Adrian Peterson
RB – Darren Sproles
WR – Victor Cruz
WR – Wes Welker
FLEX – Miles Austin / Eric Decker
TE – Jacob Tamme
K – Garrett Hartley
DST – New York Jets

Smartest Pick: Wes Welker (5th)
Top Sleeper: Kyle Rudolph (14th)
Grade: B/B+
Analysis: The ladies of “Purple Reign” really wanted Adrian Peterson so they could root for him in their backyard. I still believe there is some slight risk in drafting him, but, by also picking up handcuff Toby Gerhart, at least this team has ADP’s insurance policy. Tom Brady and Wes Welker could prove to be a nice “daily double” option for “Purple Reign” and keep an eye out for Eric Decker as the Broncos’ wide receiver could weasel his way into the team’s starting lineup.

FS Florida

QB – Aaron Rodgers
RB – Michael Turner
RB – Marshawn Lynch
WR – Hakeem Nicks
WR – Jordy Nelson
FLEX – DeAngelo Williams
TE – Rob Gronkowski
K – Stephen Gostkowski
DST - Baltimore

Smartest Pick: Ben Roethlisberger (8th)
Top Sleeper: Mike Williams (11th)
Grade: B
Analysis: If Marshawn Lynch avoids suspension, “The Sunshine Sweeties,” could do some damage. If he is suspended, it could get dicey for their team because of lack of depth at the position. However, to have the option of Aaron Rodgers with the fourth pick was a blessing for the “Sweeties.”

FS Ohio

QB – Peyton Manning
RB – Maurice Jones-Drew
RB – LeSean McCoy
WR – Brandon Lloyd
WR – Vincent Jackson
FLEX – Reggie Wayne
TE – Jimmy Graham
K – Phil Dawson
DST – Philadelphia

Smartest Pick: Peyton Manning (6th)
Top Sleeper: Jermaine Gresham (14th)
Grade: A-
Analysis: “The Hang on Sloopies” received some social networking flack for taking Andy Dalton in the fourth round and probably deservedly so, but to snag Peyton Manning in the sixth was brilliant. Again, there was some risk taking MJD so early, but I’m sure the ladies weren’t the first team to roll the dice on the Jaguars’ running back. They made the wise decision of selecting Rashad Jennings as my inspiration for the league embraced the “handcuff” rule of thumb.

FS Detroit

QB – Mike Vick
RB – Trent Richardson
RB – Chris Johnson
WR – Calvin Johnson
WR – A.J Green
FLEX – Dez Bryant
TE – Jason Witten (Dustin Keller)
K – Mason Crosby
DST - Detroit

Smartest Pick: Trent Richardson (4th)
Top Sleeper: Dustin Keller (11th)
Grade: A
Analysis: Soft spoken, but deadly are the “Motor City Kitties” and it’s true what Lauren said at the top of the broadcast, “Detroit hustles harder.” During the draft, I could sense Lauren and Allison were a little stressed out, but be it help from their followers on Twitter and Facebook or pre-draft study sessions, the “Kitties” built a contender in this league. Worried about Vick? They have Matt Schaub as their backup. Trent Richardson? He’s on schedule to start Week 1. Look at their receivers! Don’t believe in Dez? Okay, they’ll start BenJarvus Green-Ellis. Watch out for Detroit – they imported a winner.

FS South

Fantasy Draft Guide

Need help with your fantasy football draft? Our experts provide a helpful fantasy football draft guide that includes rankings, stats, mock drafts, and downloadable cheat sheets.

QB – Matthew Stafford
RB – Jamaal Charles
RB – Doug Martin
WR – Roddy White
WR – Demaryius Thomas (Anquan Boldin)
FLEX – Reggie Bush
TE – Vernon Davis
K – David Akers
DST - Houston

Smartest Pick: Lance Moore (10th)
Top Sleeper: Rueben Randle (11th)
Grade: B-
Analysis: The new girls on the FOX Sports block are “Grits Blitz.” FOX Sports South Girls Brittany and Canicka just joined the family about 10 days prior to the draft, but acted like veterans Wednesday night. Oddly enough, one of my fantasy teams boasts Jamaal Charles and Doug Martin as the top two running backs, so I’m not abandoning the ladies on those two picks. Their receiving corps/FLEX could use an upgrade at some point during the season.

FS Arizona

FS Girls Fantasy League

The FOX Sports Girls are playing Fantasy Football in 2012! Follow the league all year long to see which region comes out on top.

QB – Drew Brees
RB – Fred Jackson
RB – Frank Gore
WR – Larry Fitzgerald
WR – Mike Wallace
FLEX – Ahmad Bradshaw
TE – Tony Gonzalez
K – Dan Bailey
DST - San Francisco

Smartest Pick: Jonathan Stewart (10th)
Top Sleeper: Ryan Williams (12th)
Grade: B+
Analysis: With Mike Wallace set to rejoin the Steelers in the immediate future, “If the Shoe Fitz” could give the “River City Rampage” and “Motor City Kitties” a run for top targets in the league. We’ll have to wait and see how John Skelton (yes, he’s going to start – book it) and Fitz work together the first few weeks. The trio of running backs that could potentially start for them all fall under “high risk, high reward,” but I’m a big believer in Drew Brees in 2012.

FS San Diego

QB – Cam Newton
RB – Matt Forte
RB – Willis McGahee
WR – Andre Johnson
WR – Steve Smith (CAR)
FLEX – Jeremy Maclin (Ryan Mathews once healthy)
TE – Antonio Gates
K – Alex Henery
DST - Chicago

Smartest Pick: Kevin Smith (13th)
Top Sleeper: Greg Olsen (12th)
Grade: B
Analysis: It didn’t make my top three memorable moments, but the “Frighten Lighten Ladies” cracked me up with their color coded cheat sheets and highlighters. They were a Trapper Keeper away from winning the “First Day of School” award. Because of their organizational skills, this duo was well aware that Andre Johnson slipped to the third round, so they snatch him up right quick with the 29th overall pick. Great value. Staying true to their home team, the “Lighten Ladies” targeted Antonio Gates, who claims he’s feeling great, and Ryan Mathews, who isn’t feeling so great these days with the broken collarbone. They’ll have to wait until probably late September to get Mathews in their lineup.

FS Southwest

QB – Eli Manning
RB – Darren McFadden
RB – DeMarco Murray
WR – Brandon Marshall
WR – Antonio Brown
FLEX – Stevie Johnson
TE – Jermichael Finley
K – Neil Rackers
DST - Pittsburgh

Smartest Pick: Andrew Luck (10th)
Top Sleeper: Mikel LeShoure (14th)
Grade: A
Analysis: Last, but certainly not least are “The Lone Star Ladies,” Kamie and Liddy. Fun fact about them is that they wore legit cowboy boots during the draft and on most photo shoots for FOX Sports Southwest. Do what you will with that information, just tossing it out there. As for their draft results, for as stressed as they were with the back-to-back “snake” pick, they built themselves a strong contender for the title. Not messing around, they signed two secure, when healthy, running backs off the jump in DMC and hometown boy Demarco. In addition to Jermichael Finley, who I believe is about to bounce back in a big way for Green Bay, “The Lone Star Ladies” boast a nice trio of receivers including Stevie Johnson who a lot of owners, based on average draft position, have dismissed in 2012. Watch Kamie and Liddy win the title and Jerry Jones add them to his front office.

Note: we are working to publish a video replay of the FOX Sports Girls Fantasy Football Draft.  So, if you missed it, sit tight, we hope to have that available as soon as possible.

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