Bonus Scoring

How do bonus points work?
Bonus points are typically add-on points or penalties for a specific scoring event.

For instance, you can setup a rule to receive an extra 2 points for passing touchdowns between 50 and 60 yards or -2 poins for missing a field goal less than 30 yards.

You can also setup bonus scoring for total yards. For example, if your league has bonus points setup for passing yards (100-124 yards = 2 points, 125-149 yards = 4 points, 150-174 yards = 5 points) and the QB throws for 152 yards, he will only earn 5 bonus points as that is the only range he is within.

Note: bonus ranges are not incremental. Earlier ranges are ignored in favor of the highest range achieved.
Last Updated: 7/14/2011
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