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Fantasy impact: coach, management doublespeak

It's late-June and not the time to get lost in the NFL coach and front office doublespeak and verbal smoke screens.

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I’ve had enough.  The infinite digital column inches NFL beat reporters must fill during OTA’s and minicamp have led to daily knee-jerk overreactions from fans and fantasy football owners.

Take a breath.  Slow down.  It’s only June.

Although the NFL coaches and front office smoke-screen commentary could come to fruition during the regular season, the words they speak come with a Grand Canyon-sized rabbit hole of interpretation and, at times, they talk a lot, but say nothing.  Any fan or owner claiming this doublespeak as bible in late-June is guzzling purple Kool-Aid by the growler.

My disdain for this type of over-analysis of early-summer reporting stems from Bills’ offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett’s comments this time last year when he claimed – and I’m paraphrasing - C.J. Spiller was going to carry the ball so much he was going to throw up.  He said that in August!   The Spiller-centric approach was abandoned early on in the season for a variety of reasons and fantasy football owners did not receive the return on investment they had hoped from taking Spiller in the first round.  Again, we need to slow down.

Here are some June 2014 examples of what I’m talking about:

Chris Johnson is going to receive less touches in 2014 to keep him fresh - New York Star Ledger

Only 11 players finished with more than 250 carries last season.  So, IF his average of 290 carries / season drops to 250, owners should not panic.

The Packers’ want to lessen Eddie Lacy’s workload after 284 carries last season - Green Bay Press Gazette

James Starks and DuJuan Harris are not a major threat at the moment and won’t be come September.

Doug Martin is the “featured” back according to Lovie Smith versus Jeff Tedford’s infatuation with RBBC’s -Tampa Bay Times

The Buccaneers running back rhetoric is the most frustrating of the moment.  While he’s not going to rack up 300-plus rushing attempts like he did in 2012, Martin’s ability to catch out of the backfield still leads me to believe his value should remain high despite doublespeak from Smith and Tedford.

Brian Schottenheimer says Zac Stacy isn’t locked in as the starting running back – probably coach-speak according to St. Louis Dispatch Jim Thomas.

Thomas saw through the B.S.  After Sam Bradford was lost for the season, Stacy averaged 22 carries per game (nine games).  So, Schottenheimer can claim Stacy isn’t a lock for the “starting” gig, but that’s fine let Tre Mason or Benny start the game then allow Stacy to carry the rock 15-18 times a game.  That’ll work.

If you experience any cases of NFL doublespeak in the weeks ahead, let me know about it on Twitter @FOXSportsFowler.

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