How To Play
1 Create an Entry
After registering with the site, create your entry for FOX Sports College Bowl Pick'em. If you've received a group invitation via email, clicking the link in the email will also start the process to create an entry. You may have to supply a password for the group depending on its privacy settings. The owner of the group can provide the password.
2 Get in a Group
After you've created an entry, decide whether to join an existing group or create your own. Groups consist of both system groups and user-created groups. A group can either be public or private.

Private groups may adjust their rules to play against the spread, use confidence points, set pick deadlines and much more. Each group has its own leaderboard, message board, scorecard and more.
3 Invite Friends
Inviting friends, family and co-workers is easy and can be done through email, Facebook and Twitter.

Make the college bowl season more enjoyable with a little friendly competition. Get as many as you can in the game so you can enjoy that top position even more.
4 Make Your Picks
Pick the winner of every bowl game to earn points. Points are based on the number of correct selections. If the group uses confidence points, then group points also factor in the assigned confidence points for the game. Get in-depth game analysis by clicking on the matchup help indicator.

If your entry is picking with the spread, the spread is listed to the right of the home team. For instance, if the home team is listed with a spread of "-5", then the home team must win by more than 5 points. If the home team is listed with a spread of "+5", it must not lose by more than 5 or more points.
5 View Standings
See how you stack up against the competition by visiting the Leaderboards. Check out the Group Leaderboard to see where you stand versus the other members of your group or head over to the Overall Leaderboard see how you compare to the game’s best players.

Groups also include the Group Scorecard so you can see everyone's picks once picks have locked.
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