Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I change my bracket name?
A: Click the Settings menu item under the Entry section of the game. You can change your entry name on the Entry Settings page.
Q: How do I create a bracket?
A: After signing in with, get started playing Bracket Challenge by clicking the “Play Now” button on the game’s front page. Or, if you've received an invite from a friend, click the link in the email.
Q: How do I pick the winners for the Round 1 (play-in) games?
A: The Round 1 games do not factor into the scoring for the contest, so no pick is required for these games.
Q: How do I remove a bracket?
A: You may remove a bracket on the Manage My Brackets page.
Q: How many brackets can I have?
A: You may have up to 10 brackets.
Q: I've filled out my bracket, why does the progress bar say it is only 98% complete?
A: Commonly overlooked steps in completing a bracket include forgetting to pick a champion and not setting the tie breaker points.
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