Fantasy baseball weekend takeaways – June 10

Here are my Top 5 Fantasy Baseball Takeaways from June 7, 8 and 9. Enjoy!

Yasiel Puig
Stats: .464 / 4 HR / 10 RBI / 4 R in first MLB week
Takeaway: I think it’s safe to say Yasiel Puig entered Bill Brasky territory somewhere between the beginning of his first and end of his second big league game. After being called up on June 3, check out Puig’s fantasy baseball ownership percentage every six hours over the last week:

June 3 (12am) – 7.1 percent
June 4 – 23.8

June 5 – 35.4 (about to hit 2nd HR of game)
(Noon – 10 percent jump)
June 6 – 61.7
June 7 – 66.5
June 8 – 74.1
June 9 – 79.1
June 10 – 81.9
(Noon) – 83.1 percent

I received a question on Twitter over the weekend where an owner had just dealt Puig and Jered Weaver for Michael Cuddyer. Now, I’m fan of Cuddyer and own him in the Experts League, but I was not digging that deal. The owner believed “Puig isn’t going to hit homers like this.” I kid you not, Puig hit a home run no more than 20 minutes later.

Now, I’m a realist that Puig isn’t going to hit .400 the rest of the season , but if he settles at .295 with 25 homers from June-September, I’m sure most owners will be content with that production.

Fantasy baseball aside, Puig makes this “season of the prospect” and, to be blunt, the Dodgers, a lot more enjoyable to watch. Hell, the guy made Vin Scully, a wordsmith, speechless in the middle of his second game. Don’t be the wet blanket and/or contrarian on this guy to stand out amongst the crowd.

He passes the eye test.

Indians Pitching
Stats: 34 ER in 36 2/3 IP during 7-game losing streak
Takeaway: We’ve seen this movie before.

However, the release date is usually in August or September. Cleveland’s current meltdown exposes the team’s tragic flaw many feared before the season started: pitching.

Justin Masterson has allowed 17 earned runs in his last four starts. Ubaldo Jimenez couldn’t beat division foe, Detroit, if his life depended on it. He’s allowed the Tigers to rack up 13 earned runs in seven innings pitched. Carlos Carrasco has been rocked in his two 2013 starts (13 ER in 7 2/3 IP). Scott Kazmir isn’t going to win or lose you a game with the numbers he’s posted. Congrats Corey Kluber, you are the lesser of five inefficient starting pitchers in Cleveland. Oh, and you possess a 4.56 ERA.

Everth Cabrera
Stats: 20 hits and 10 steals in June
Takeaway: Guess who leads MLB in hits in June? No, not Yasiel Puig (he has 13). Mr. Cabrera has 20 hits this month as his batting average creeps closer to .300 – an unimaginable feat this time last year. He’s also in the midst of a 10-game hit streak as of June 10.

Cabrera was one of my fantasy shortstop sleepers back in March. Always fun to look back on the hits and misses.

Jose Fernandez
Stats: Has only allowed 11 ER in last seven starts combined
Takeaway: When you team boasts a record of 18-44, it’s hard to find the silver linings.  But when it comes to fantasy baseball, Jose Fernandez has over delivered on a crappy ball squad.

Check out these pitchers’ splits over their last seven starts:

  • Shelby Miller: 44 2/3 IP / 9 ER / 48 K / (4-1 record)
  • Jose Fernandez: 41 1/3 IP / 11 ER / 44 K (3-1 record)
  • Matt Harvey: 49 2/3 IP / 14 ER / 49 K (1-0 – 6 ND)

Fernandez’s ERA peaked in late April at 4.50, but has dropped to 3.17 during that seven-start stretch. His 9.23 K/9 rate ranks 12th in all of baseball ahead of Clayton Kershaw, Lance Lynn and Stephen Strasburg.

Marinating Prospects
Kevin Gausman: 19 ER in 19 1/3 IP
Tyler Skaggs: 10 ER in 10 2/3 IP (last 2 starts)

Takeaway: Skaggs was 4-5 with a 5.23 ERA in nine Triple-A starts with the Reno Aces. Despite the PCL reputation as a hitter’s league, the record and ERA probably didn’t do much for the 21-year-old Skaggs’ confidence. Yeah, that’s right, Skaggs won’t be 22 until mid-July. The Diamondbacks are handcuffed with injuries and called up their top pitching prospect a little too early perhaps. Heck, they can’t all be Patrick Corbin.

Gausman, another call-up due to injury, skipped Triple A altogether and was thrown to the wolves. Aside from the 18 earned runs allowed in three starts, the 22-year-old Orioles’ prospect somehow managed to hold the Tigers’ lineup to one earned run over six innings with four strikeouts and no walks. But then he gets smoked by the light-hitting Rays for seven earned runs.

Both could use some more marinating and seasoning down on the farm before their confidence takes too big of a hit.

Marinate?  Season?

Now, I’m hungry.

Steak for dinner it is!

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