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How does the "Lineup Deadline" work?
The Lineup Deadline indicates how often a team can change its lineup and acquire players.

"Weekly" indicates a team's lineup may only be adjusted once per week. Each week begins at the scheduled start time of the first game of the week. Typically, this is a Monday. Roster moves (trades, adds, drops) may occur at any time, but the newly acquired players or departed players cannot impact the team's lineup until the next week.

"Daily - Today" indicates lineups may be changed each day up until the individual player's team's scheduled start time. Roster moves (trades, adds, drops) may occur at any time and if the first game of the day has not yet started, the roster changes may be addressed in the current day's lineup. Otherwise, the moves can't be reflected in the lineup until the next day.
Last Updated: 1/31/2014
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