Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I edit my bid for a car?
A: No. Once your bid has been submitted, it may not be edited.
Q: How many bids can I make on a car?
A: You may only bid once per car. If you manage to submit more than one bid (multiple tabs open, different devices, etc.), only the first valid bid will be used for points and sweepstakes consideration.
Q: I made my bid. Why don't I see it in my Docket?
A: Your bid will appear in your docket after the bids are scored for the car.
Q: I used to be able to text in my bid. What happened to mobile bidding?
A: You can still place bids on your smart phone, but due to new text-messaging regulations and privacy concerns, we have removed the text bidding portion of the game to more easily comply with federal regulations and improve your experience. Now, you may visit the same site you use for desktop on your phone; login, play and view your scores from any Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop.
Q: Should I include dollar sign, commas or decimal places in my bid?
A: No. Enter your bid as a whole number. For example, $65,250.00 should be entered as 65250.