Fans of Kyle Busch
Week 36 Team: Incomplete
Race #14 - Jun 8, 2014 1:18 PM
2013 Champion: Jimmie Johnson
Track: Tri-Oval 6-14 degree bank
Race: 400 miles (160 laps)
Race Completed: View Results
Scoring Help


  • You may choose up to five (5) drivers for each race of the season.
  • The first driver slot is the team captain. The team captain's points are worth double, so choose your captain wisely.
  • A driver may only be used four (4) times each race segment. If used more than 4 times during a segment, the driver will not earn any points for your team.
  • Your roster carries over from one race to the next. You may not edit your roster for a future race until the current week's race begins.
  • To add or swap a driver, click the "Edit Pick" button below the driver slot within your roster.


  • A driver earns points based on his finish in the race. See the scoring chart below.
  • A driver will also earn one (1) bonus point if he leads at least one lap in the race. If more than one driver tie for the lead in a lap, each of those drivers will earn one bonus point.
  • The driver that leads the most laps in a race will earn one (1) bonus point. If more than one driver ties for the most laps led, each of those drivers will earn one bonus point.
  • A driver will earn one (1) point per position improved between qualifying position and finishing position. Note that starting position is not the same as qualifying position.


1st: 46pts 12th: 32pts 23rd: 21pts 34th: 10pts
2nd: 42pts 13th: 31pts 24th: 20pts 35th: 9pts
3rd: 41pts 14th: 30pts 25th: 19pts 36th: 8pts
4th: 40pts 15th: 29pts 26th: 18pts 37th: 7pts
5th: 39pts 16th: 28pts 27th: 17pts 38th: 6pts
6th: 38pts 17th: 27pts 28th: 16pts 39th: 5pts
7th: 37pts 18th: 26pts 29th: 15pts 40th: 4pts
8th: 36pts 19th: 25pts 30th: 14pts 41st: 3pts
9th: 35pts 20th: 24pts 31st: 13pts 42nd: 2pts
10th: 34pts 21st: 23pts 32nd: 12pts 43rd: 1pt
11th: 33pts 22nd: 22pts 33rd: 11pts
Empty Slot
Empty Slot
Empty Slot
Empty Slot
Empty Slot




Pos # Driver Qualify Finish Laps Led Status Race Bonus Total
0 --- Slot Empty --- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
1 --- Slot Empty --- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
2 --- Slot Empty --- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
3 --- Slot Empty --- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
4 --- Slot Empty --- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Total: 0 0 0
a d v e r t i s e m e n t
TV Schedule
  • Jun 6, 2014 4:40 PM
  • Jun 8, 2014 1:18 PM (TNT)