After registering with the site, create your entry for FOX Fantasy Auto Racing. Select your favorite driver to join the official group for fans of that driver. Specify your email preferences for the game.

If you've received a group invitation via email, clicking the link in the email will also start the process to create an entry. You may have to supply a password for the group depending on its privacy settings. The owner of the group can provide the password.

After you've created an entry, decide whether to join an existing group or create your own.

Groups consist of both official "Fans of" groups and user-created groups. A group can either be public or private. If the group is private a password can be set for the group. Private groups allow you to track basic fees. Inviting friends, family and co-workers is easy and can be done through email, Facebook and Twitter.

For each race of the season, you can specify five drivers to earn you points for the race. One driver is designated the "Captain" and is worth twice the points.

The season is broken into segments of 13, 13 and 10 races. The same driver can be used a maximum of four times per segment. This rule is important as it should play a role in building your roster strategy.

Drivers earn points based on race finish and can earn bonus points for leading a lap, leading the most laps and finishing ahead of their qualifying position.

For more information regarding the scoring rules, click here.

Tracking your team's performance can be done in a variety of ways:

The Weekly Standings show how your team did for a specific race. The Group Scorecard shows how your team and drivers fared for a specific race.

The Segment Standings show how your team is doing for an individual segment of the season. The Group Leaderboard breaks down performance within the group per segment.

The Overall Standings wrap up each segment into a season total. Do you have what it takes to be the overall leader for the entire season?

Based on your finish each week, each segment and for the entire season's contest, you may win some awesome prizes!

Review the Prizes to see what's at stake.


  • You may choose up to five (5) drivers for each race of the season.
  • The first driver slot is the team captain. The team captain's points are worth double, so choose your captain wisely.
  • A driver may only be used four (4) times each race segment. If used more than 4 times during a segment, the driver will not earn any points for your team.
  • Your roster carries over from one race to the next. You may not edit your roster for a future race until the current week's race begins.
  • To add or swap a driver, click the "Edit Pick" button below the driver slot within your roster.


  • A driver earns points based on his finish in the race. See the scoring chart below.
  • A driver will also earn one (1) bonus point if he leads at least one lap in the race. If more than one driver tie for the lead in a lap, each of those drivers will earn one bonus point.
  • The driver that leads the most laps in a race will earn one (1) bonus point. If more than one driver ties for the most laps led, each of those drivers will earn one bonus point.
  • A driver will earn one (1) point per position improved between qualifying position and finishing position. Note that starting position is not the same as qualifying position.


1st: 46pts 12th: 32pts 23rd: 21pts 34th: 10pts
2nd: 42pts 13th: 31pts 24th: 20pts 35th: 9pts
3rd: 41pts 14th: 30pts 25th: 19pts 36th: 8pts
4th: 40pts 15th: 29pts 26th: 18pts 37th: 7pts
5th: 39pts 16th: 28pts 27th: 17pts 38th: 6pts
6th: 38pts 17th: 27pts 28th: 16pts 39th: 5pts
7th: 37pts 18th: 26pts 29th: 15pts 40th: 4pts
8th: 36pts 19th: 25pts 30th: 14pts 41st: 3pts
9th: 35pts 20th: 24pts 31st: 13pts 42nd: 2pts
10th: 34pts 21st: 23pts 32nd: 12pts 43rd: 1pt
11th: 33pts 22nd: 22pts 33rd: 11pts
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