Fan targets Inge and teammates in Toledo

TOLEDO, Ohio — Excitement seems to follow Brandon Inge around.

During Tuesday night’s game in Toledo between the Mud Hens and Indianapolis Indians, a couple of unidentified fans were reportedly tossing peanuts and insults toward the Indians’ dugout.

An eyewitness said when an usher tried to intervene, the fans started threatening him in addition to continuing to insult the Indians.

One of the fans got close enough to the dugout to throw his beer in the Indians’ direction. According to the eyewitness, the beer landed partially on outfielder Jerry Sands and a television camera.

Sands managed to jump the railing but his teammates prevented him from going any further.

“It was just an agitated fan that took it a little too far.,” Inge said before Wednesday’s game. “That’s all. It happens.”

On Wednesday, the International League suspended Sands for one game.

Inge said he saw the looks on the faces of some of the children seated nearby and decided to give them some baseballs to help calm them down.

“I have two kids of my own and I know the face, I know the face of a kid that’s scared,” Inge said. “And that man was definitely scaring those kids around that area. It was no big deal. Everything was handled very professionally. The Mud Hens handled it professionally and I think we handled it as professionally as we could.

“I called all the kids over and said, ‘Don’t worry about anything. Everything is fine. There won’t be any harm on anyone. Sorry for disrupting you and enjoy the game.’ I made sure they were all right.”

Indians manager Dean Treanor said they met with Mud Hens personnel before Wednesday’s game and they were confident there would be no more problems.