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Ronda Rousey has already beaten up a male fighter: Chael Sonnen

The mouth that roars tells a funny story about an impromptu training session with the baddest woman on the planet.

Ronda's reaction to Chael's request for a rematch.

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

LAS VEGAS -- You may have heard all the chatter about Ronda Rousey vs. Floyd Mayweather. It's a narrative that's gone on so long, some people are already sick of it. After all, it's a fight that will never, ever happen. They're not in the same sport, and no commission would sanction it, anyway.

Asked about it again on Friday during a UFC 175 pre-fight press conference, Rousey seemed almost embarrassed to answer, voicing a respect for all Mayweather has done in his craft. 

But let one thing be known: Rousey has had plenty of experience training with male fighters over the years. And one of them even volunteered a story about how good Rousey is. This is more humor than case study of what would happen in a hypothetical fight, but Chael Sonnen recounted an incident that started at a dinner with Rousey.

Hoping to glean some information from her about judo, Sonnen began asking her about a certain foot sweep. And well, we'll let the professional raconteur take it from there.

"In her infinite wisdom, she takes me into an empty room and begins to foot sweep me, which looks like a man and a woman are now in a fight," he said. "So the guys come out of the kitchen to break this up and protect her. I'm trying to stop them and say, 'She's the world champion. She's got an Olympic medal. If you guys are here to bail somebody out, I'm the one getting thrown around the ballroom here.'"

Rousey laughed at Sonnen's recounting but didn't comment on it. Sonnen swore it was true, and that Rousey had been throwing him around. So what does this all add up to? Nothing. Rousey vs. Floyd ain't happening. But just know that if it did, Sonnen would probably put his money on Rousey.

"I could have taken her," he said. "I just needed to get my footing."

OK, now we can all put that behind us. Rousey certainly has, avoiding any questions about anything other than her next fight against challenger Alexis Davis on July 5. 

"It's true, she is the first black belt in jiu-jitsu I've ever fought," Rousey said. "So we'll see who's better on the ground, a black belt in judo or a black belt in jiu-jitsu."