The respected (Edwards) and the despised (Juan Pablo) visit The K

Kauffman Stadium isn't the most trafficked destination for celebrities, but two very different ones were at the Rays-Royals game in Kansas City on Tuesday.

NASCAR driver Carl Edwards threw out the first pitch, while Juan Pablo Galavis (pictured in the Dominican Republic with his gal, Kansas City's Nikki Ferrell) was in town on behalf of Venezuelan baseball.

John Rieger – USA TODAY Sports / NP Photos

Kansas City isn't exactly Tinseltown, so when the Rich and Famous swing by, it's news. Tuesday brought a double dose to The K.

The "local boy," if you will, was Carl Edwards. The NASCAR driver, a native of Columbia, Mo., and a former Mizzou undergrad, watched the Royals take batting practice and chatted with manager Ned Yost. He also threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the Royals hosted the Rays.

Yost, a big NASCAR fan, plays in weekly fantasy NASCAR pools and drafts Edwards whenever he can. It's paid off with wins a couple of times, he said. And he admires Edwards for his physical abilities, which include his traditional back flip off his car at the finish line when he wins a race.

"He's a great athlete, actually," Yost said. "You got to be a great athlete when you go up against the guys he does on a weekly basis."

Then there was perhaps the most hated man in reality television history. Juan Pablo Galavis, "star" of the most recent iteration of "The Bachelor," hung out in the Royals' dugout, trolled for souvenirs and watched the game.

For those who didn't see "The Bachelor" -- and for those who had the misfortune of walking through the room while their spouse watched and later couldn't wash off the stink -- Galavis is the former Venezuelan soccer star who became a fan favorite when he wasn't picked on "The Bachelorette," then became a despicable villain when he got to hand out roses on his own show. Seems he didn't treat the girls right or something.

Anyway, Galavis was in Kansas City as a representative of Venezuelan baseball. He is going to major-league stadiums in pursuit of memorabilia he can use to support a Venezuelan Baseball Hall of Fame. And Kansas City, of course, is home for Nikki Ferrell, the lovely local lady who got the final rose on "The Bachelor" and who watched the game with Galavis.

"The 'Bachelor' stuff is all behind me now," he told a Royals official. "I'm all about baseball now."

That's all well and good. Just the same, it's probably wise he wasn't sent out to toss that first pitch. Could've been ugly.