Hundreds of ways to flirt with trouble

There are some issues NCAA compliance officers tend to take more
seriously than others, and highly touted teenage football recruits
flaunting wads of cash is one of them.

In January, it was five-star Ole Miss recruit Laquon Treadwell
garnered some unwanted attention when he
posted a photo of several hundred-dollar bills to his Instagram

Now Treadwell has company in the Stop Taking Pictures of Big
Money Club in KD Cannon, a four-star wide receiver out of Texas
who, earlier this week,
tweeted a picture that’s assumed to be him
with a hefty stack of benjamins in his lap:

Now, who knows whose money that is. It’s unlikely the
photo leads to any trouble.

But college football is a big business, and teams have been
known to skirt the rules in the name of competition, so it’s
better not to make the implication that someone may have.

No one recruiting Cannon wants to have the NCAA sniffing around
because a kid they’re after seemingly has struck it rich.

So a word to the wise, KD, if you want those scholarship offers
to keep coming in: If you’re going to show off your bank,
don’t do it online.