Buzz: Radio host offers bounty

Former Miami football player and current radio host Dan Sileo
has never shied away from controversy.

was suspended in 2009 after spreading false
rumors about the Tampa Bay Bucs’ ownership and left one
station in 2012 after he
used a racial slur on air.

on-air meltdown after Miami’s 52-13 loss
to Kansas State last year was
epic, and most recently, he was
canned by WQAM over an anti-semitic remark
made during his show.

Now, Sileo is finding himself in more hot water after sending
out a tweet offering a bounty to any Miami player who injures FSU
running back Devonta Freeman if and when the ‘Noles and
‘Canes meet in the ACC championship game.

Here are the tweets, since deleted but
preserved by Tomahawk Nation on its Facebook

A couple things: First, that’s not even Freeman who is
pictured in Sileo’s tweet. That’s defensive tackle
Timmy Jernigan throwing up the U after Florida State’s 41-14

Secondly, what makes Sileo so sure Miami will be playing in the
ACC Championship Game? UM still has four league games left, and
just a one-game lead in the division. (And Sileo saw how they
looked against North Carolina and Wake Forest, right?)

In any case, Sileo took to Twitter again later Sunday to
apologize — sort of — for the messages, assuring fans
that they were just a joke while also
continuing to insult followers who dared to
disagree with him:

All that remained to be seen was whether Sileo’s current
employer, 640 Sports, also thought it was funny.

Apparently, they did not, with reports coming Monday that he’d
been fired.

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