Musburger ‘disappearance’ solved

It started out as a harmless tweet.

Molly Sullivan, a television and radio broadcaster in Las Vegas, tweeted this at 4:49 PST Friday:

Alert: Brent Musberger (sic) is missing in Vegas. Yes, I’m serious. If found, please deliver him to @Palms. His time slot on ESPN Radio is… now.

Predictably, Twitter retweeted that tweet with endless speculation and provocative asides. reached out to Molly 30 minutes after her M.I.A. alert and asked if he had been found, and received this tweet:

Not, yet. The local ESPN Radio guys reached out and haven’t heard anything back. His slot was 4-5p for this fundraiser…

All of a sudden, this wasn’t funny. Musburger, 72, has always been known for attention to detail and professionalism, so this was out of character and potentially alarming.

Musburger had missed his scheduled slot time for the 24-hour radio-a-thon at The Palms for The Caring Place, a support facility in Las Vegas for people whose lives have been touched by cancer. The time slot had been bought for $1,500 by ESPN radio listeners.

Sullivan and ESPN Radio were unable to reach Musburger by cell phone, but was. There was a simple explanation. "Oh….no," Musburger exclaimed. "I thought it was tomorrow. Can I still do the show? I am so sorry."

Unfortunately, Brent missed the show. No replay of down. Time to punt.

Moral of the story? Brent Musburger needs to get a Twitter account.