Don’t support your team with ink

Football means a lot to people all over this country, but there

are a few places where it might mean a little too much. Two of them

are Nebraska and Alabama, and I can prove it right here.


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Oh, go ahead and send your emails, Nebraska fans. You always do.

I think everybody understands why football is such a big thing in

Nebraska and Alabama. The roughly 20 national titles between them

have inspired quite a bit of pride in those areas. Everybody gets


It’s just that if you live in Alabama and you get a misspelled

pledge of “allegence” tattoo on your arm (did you see it in the

first shot above?), I think it’s fair game to point out that you’re

not doing much to counteract some of the big stereotypes about the


And the Nebraska guy. You remember Jack Hoffman, right? He is

the 7-year-old cancer survivor who got a carry in Nebraska’s spring

game and took it to the house.

It was without question one of the best sports moments of this

year, revealing so many wonderful things about sports and

Nebraskans and Nebraska football.

I’m just not sure that comes through in the tat.

As a refresher,


and sport tattoos are quite the “in” thing

apparently. But tennis fans across the Atlantic are just as

passionate judging from


cheeky fella following Andy Murray winning