‘Bama player delivers hit of Week 12

Here’s a good argument for calling for a fair catch on a
kickoff, courtesy of Alabama’s Christion Jones. The role of
roadkill will be played by Mississippi State’s Brandon

I’d like to tell you Holloway got up, dusted himself off and
helped the Bulldogs deliver a knockout of their own with an upset
of the top-ranked Crimson Tide.

But the best I can do is assure you the kid wasn’t seriously
Tide rolled to 10-0 with a 20-7 win
to set up a
much-anticipated Iron Bowl with Auburn.  Watch the highlights

Auburn delivered a knockout of its own Saturday, but it was more
like closing your eyes, swinging as hard as you can and somehow
landing it right on the other guy’s jaw:

Boom. Down they go.

Bring on the Iron Bowl and the iron jaws.