Report: Football player killed in robbery

A University of New Hampshire football player was shot and killed in Colorado early Friday when he intervened during an attempted robbery.

Todd Walker and a female friend were walking to the woman’s home at about 2:00 a.m. after attending parties on Boulder’s University Hill when a man with a black bandanna covering his face confronted them and tried to steal the woman’s purse, the Boulder Daily Camera reported.

The woman pulled the bandanna off of the would-be robber’s face, after which the man fired a shot into the air and pointed the gun at the woman, police said.

According to Walker’s father, the 20-year-old stepped in front of his friend and was shot in the chest "at point-blank range."

"They said he died immediately," Mark Walker said, according to the Daily Camera.

The suspect in the shooting, who remains on the loose, was described as a clean-shaven white male with medium build and blondish-brown hair. He is between 5-feet, 10-inches and 6 feet tall.

Todd Walker was from Edwards, Colo., located about 122 miles southwest of Boulder. He is listed on the University of New Hampshire’s website as a redshirt freshman wide receiver.