Targeting or a tackle? Michigan State safety ejected for hit

The controversial rule reared its head again on Saturday.

Michigan State safety Isaiah Lewis was ejected from against Northwestern for a targeting penalty (click to see the hit).

Colter stayed down momentarily and then walked off clutching his midsection.

According to some, the rule has cut down on flags. Was one warranted here?

Let’s turn to Mike Pereira, FOX’s rules expert, for his take on the play:

"In today’s football, this is the standard, run-of-the mill targeting, which leads to an ejection. It was the lowering of the helmet and a helmet-to-helmet hit. This is what the NCAA wants called targeting and the ejection was confirmed in replay. The only unusual aspect of the play was that the original announcement by the referee was for unnecessary roughness only. 

"After the penalty was administered and the 15 yards, the referee then changed his announcement and said it was targeting. He went to the replay booth and the replay booth confirmed it and on the game went."